You have been very helpful both times you were out here, patient with all of our questions, and making sure that everything was working well before you finished up. In my 18 years of practice, I have had the opportunity to use a bunch of different folks for IT work, ranging from a very well-known big company out here to small solo consultants, and you easily have had the best knowledge and practical advice about this stuff from all of them. In fact, you would be shocked how ineffective some of the folks that the big consulting firm sent out to my previous firm were. In the future, when anyone asks about who I would use for IT stuff, I will honestly and gladly give your company name out.

Thanks again! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

George Attorney
Springfield, MA

We have been working with BSC in the last 3 years. We are a software start-up company that is in constant need for various IT services - from simple PC support to installing and supporting Rcadia’s systems.

BSC Services are extremely valuable to our growing business. We find the team flexible, creative and providing proactive maintenance and effective IT solutions.

We would highly recommend working with BSC for any company who is looking for “Peace of Mind” with its IT needs.

Maayan Rcadia
Newton Auburndale, MA/Israel

BSC is a proven one-stop-shop for all IT needs from phones, to networking, to computers and hardware, BSC covers everything and does it well. Walter is always easy to get in touch with, makes himself readily available for questions and exhibits great patience often needed when working with multiple vendors, service providers, and our staff.

Ronny 2020HCP
Newton, MA

I just want to thank you responding so promptly to our latest computer problem. As usual you solved the problem and gave us some tips on how to prevent it in the future.

Denise Chapter 13 Trustee
Worcester, MA

BCS provided a solid solution to our networking needs with a smooth transition. Now our system is more secure and versatile, allowing us to conduct business more effectively and efficiently.

Kristine Normandy Farms
Foxboro, MA

As a solo practitioner, I depend on BSC International. It’s hard enough finding the work and then performing the services. The last thing I want to be doing with my billable time is trouble shooting small or big computer issues. BSC International is available by phone or in person to help me out. Walter Oluwole proactively calls me to make sure my system is working properly and if there is an issue he promptly schedules a visit to my office to address the issue. Recently, my wireless network was dead in the water. Walter quickly worked his magic and got me billing again. I highly recommend BSC International.

Scott Attorney
Weston, MA

I have worked with Walter and the BSCInternational team in a number of settings. I am always happy to have the opportunity to use them again. We have recently completed a significant improvement in our information technology including a change in ISP and increase in our T-1 bandwidth; installation of new server hardware as well as migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2003. As always, BSC was there every step of the way. From solving phantom mail issues with the new ISP, to making useful recommendations about ways to streamline business processes to take full advantage of the technology upgrades. We are particularly excited about our ability to use the secure remote web platform which allows our staff to work on HIPAA-protected client information from remote workplaces. Compared to my experience with earlier versions, SBS 2003 seems to be extremely stable. Overall, another great job from BSCInternational.

Peter CMG Associates
Needam, MA

BSC International is a key member of our firm's technology core. We feel promptly and confidently supported by their specifically targeted services and approaches. BSC International is an extremely valuable partner in Rojas Group's ever-expanding technological capabilities and requirements. Their personalized approach and unique IT services allows us to focus on high quality design for our clients without worrying about IT issues. Thank you BSC.

Andrés Rojas Group, Inc.
Somerville, MA

Thank you so much for your help getting me set up with all my IT needs. My computer works fine, all the M/S office apps are great, my Quantomix email is working, I have Skype, and all my devices are synced! Great job! Many thanks.

Susan Quantomix Inc.
Newton, MA/Israel

BSC International – EXCELLENT! At least two individuals highly recommended Walter Olứwọlé, the President of BSC, to me in November 2007. Since then, I have continued to rely upon him for consistent, prompt and reliable technical services and support, including setting up and resolving issues related to e-mails, networking, backing up files, accessing my computer remotely and even setting up my multi-function copier/scanner/printer/fax when no one else could do so. I, in turn, highly recommend BSC and Walter without hesitation.

Janice Attorney
Southborough, MA

We have had the good fortune to work with Walter Oluwole and his team at BSC International over the past three years and our results have been outstanding.

It seems that BSC is available 24 hours per day and whenever we have developed any issues associated with any components of our IT System, Walter has been available to dissect the problem and institute corrective action in minutes or hours.

When we needed to upgrade our Server, BSC served as our “experts” and we could not be more pleased. Purchasing laptops, desktops or associated equipment cost effectively is an additional strength of the team at BSC. Whatever our needs have been, they are met in record time to the highest possible ethical standards. Most importantly, Walter and his team are very collegial and fun to work with.

Please feel free to call me with any additional questions you may have regarding BSC International.

John Cappella
Auburndale, MA